Esports RivalsStagione 19/20

RedFox Tournament




This page is a complete recap of tournament rules and the code of conduct. We have done our best to include rules for all possible scenarios, however sometimes it could be necessary from players and teams the support to enforce the rules of fair play. Every player MUST know the rules about correct behavior and online tournaments.


The reference portal for the tournament is the the WhatsApp group :


1.  General informations

The Administration reserve the right to modify, remove or correct the rules wrote in this document. Also the administration reserve the right to judge, from time to time, not specified cases in this document, or to take decisions  in contradiction with the rules for preserving the integrity and fair play of the tournament. Eventual changes will be communicated through the reference channel:

         1.1 The AIGC administration take it for granted that every member  of the tournament knows all the rules and check those often. The lack of knowledge can’t                    be used like an excuse for the not conformity of the facts.

         1.2 Every members MUST have a correct behavior and respect for every other player and the admin. The members MUST NOT have bad behavior, use verbal                        aggression or intimidation against other. The spamming will be considered like a form of verbal aggression. The repeated or massive violations will be                            punished with the BAN or the INTERDICTION to participate the future AIGC competitions.


2. Tournament informations

- Esport: FIFA20
- Title: RedFox Rivals Tournament
- Platform: Playstation 4
- Game modality: ProClub
- Duration : single evening, every weekend
- Format: rounds + knock-out
- Matches:
    *Rounds : One way matches, the fist 2 pass the stage
     *Knock-out: round of 16, quarters, semifinal and final


3. Registration


4. Rule book

         4.1 The QLS is obligatory even if you are 11 players. The penality is losing on table, except in case the QLS was active and the player quit for crash.

         4.2 The MINIMUM player limit is 6

         4.3 The first match start at 22.00 + 10 mins for overtime issue (11 p.m. GMT+2).  All the following matches have 10 min of max delay, over the established time                  the penality is losing on table

         4.4 For the bad behaviors a warning will be applied to the team. After 3 warnings the team will be disqualified for one edition of the tournament.

         4.5 The “shut up” exultation is forbidden. The penality is one warning for the team

         4.6 The most important rule is the RESPECT



         5.1 The tournament is managed on the web site where scoreboard and calendars will be accessible for all

         5.2 Every Team Leader must send the pics of the score with the name of the team clearly visible on the WhatsApp groups that where set by the admins.


6 Reports/Problems

         6.1 For reporting every issue or infringement of the rules just simply tag the admin on your WhatsApp group.