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Online Tournament Rules


This page is a comprehensive summary of the tournament rules and code of conduct.

We did our best to include rules for all possible scenarios but sometimes support from players and teams might be needed to enforce the fairplay principles.

Every player must have knowledge of the behaviour guidelines and online tournament rules.


1. General

The league administration retains the possibility to change or amend the below rules anytime during the tournament and in any special case to guarantee fairplay.

1.1 staff take for granted that each participant who entered this tournament is aware of all the rules and checks them periodically. Lack of knowledge cannot be used to justify not-compliancy.

1.2 Every participant has to behave with respect towards every other participant and Staff. Participants must not engage offensive behavior, verbal abuse or intimidation.Spamming will be considered a form of verbal abuse. Repeated or significant violations will be punished with  disqualification, or banning from future Poseidon League competitions.

1.3 Official language for the Competition is English. In order to attend to the tournament, participants must be able to communicate in English.

1.4 The tournament will be hosted and empowered by


2. Matches and timelines

2.1 Group stage : Official default day for matches is every Friday starting from February the 7th 2020.

2.2 During group-stages every team will face 2 times the same opponent (HOME\AWAY) each default day.

2.3 Default timeframe will be 22.30 gmt+1 for the first game and 23.00 gmt+1 for the second game.

2.4 Below you can find the scheduled gamedays for the group phase:

- February the 7th: Machtday 1. Game 1 22.30 gmt+1, Game 2 23.00 gmt+1

- February the 14th: Machtday 2. Game 1 22.30 gmt+1, Game 2 23.00 gmt+1

- February the 21st: Machtday 3. Game 1 22.30 gmt+1, Game 2 23.00 gmt+1


2.5 Final stage : Official default day for matches is every Friday starting from February the 28th 2020.
2.6 During the final stage quarter-finals, semi-finals and Final will be played as single match.

2.7 Default timeframe will be 22.30 gmt+1.

2.8 Below you can find the scheduled gamedays for the Final phase:
- February the 8th: Quarter Final 22.30 gmt+1

- March the 6th: Semifinal22.30 gmt+1

- March the 13th: Final 22.30 gmt+1


2.9 Every participant is required to be online in the whatsapp chat of the tournament 5 min before the agreed match start and check-in with the opponent

2.10 Delay cap is 10 minutes. A default loss will be assigned to the teams that will not check in or show up within 10 min after match starting time.

2.11 Opponent GMs can agree on different timing\day for the match within the Sunday prior the matchday. In this case the appointment needs to be officially communicated to IPL admins via whatsapp chat. If agreement is not reached, than the match will be played in the default time and day and nothing needs to be communicated.


3. During the match


3.1 Every player is responsible for his own connection and has to have a good internet connection to avoid possible ‘lag’.

3.2 When the EA servers are going down during a match: Only in the case that all or the majority of the tournament participants are disconnected from the match, that specific match will be played again.

3.3 A match can be re-started a maximum of 2 times in case of players disconnections within the first 5 min (game time), only in the case that no goals and no yellow\red cards happened. After the allowed 2 times (or in case of goals and cards) the match needs to be played no matter the number of players still in game. In case a team disconnects for the third time, than opponent team will get a win by default.

3.4 game settings

Game type: Friendly match

Match durance: 12 minutes (6 minutes per half)

Game speed: Normal

Level: Legendary

3.5 Minimum players allowed in game is 8. the teams that will start the game with less than 8 players in lobby will lose by default (photo\video evidence need to be provided). If players will disconnect during or at the beginning of the match, than the soil of 8 will no longer apply, meaning that a club can go below the 8 participants in case of disconnections during or at the very start of the match with no penalities.

3.6 The function\roleAny” is optional. Any team can decide if use it or not.

3.7 Red or Yellow cards will not affect the participation for following matches. In other words, If a player receives a red card, than he can play the following match


4. Reporting scores

4.1 Tournament will be hosted by portal and all rankings and calendar will be available on the website.
4.2 Score will be reported on the website by each team GM. staff will overview and double-check the results on the web portal.
4.3 All team captains must sign on to portal and communicate their username to IPL admins within Sunday February the 2nd.
4.3 Results must be reported within 24 hours from the matches.
4.4 In case results are not reported in time no points will be assigned to any team for the match


5. Tournament Structure


5.1 Group stage: 16 teams are attending to the competiotion divided in 4 groups. 4 teams per group.
5.2 National representatives accepted and attending (listed by UEFA ranking):












Republic of Ireland


Czech Republic



5.3 Group draws will be streamed on Monday January the 27th, 22.30 gmt+1 on channel

5.4 Qualification to Final Stage: The teams that will end the group phase in position 1st and 2nd will qualify to quarter finals

5.4 In case of teams ending the group phase with same score, than the team with better goals difference will qualify. If once also goals difference is the same, than the team that scored an higher number of times will qualify. In case of a further drawing score it will be taken into account direct matches results and after that direct matches goals difference. in case of total equity for all previous criteria, than a rematch will be played as single match till penalties if necessary.

5.4 Final stages games will be played as single matches with direct elimination of the losing team. A winner must be declared out of each single match, therefore the game will go on tll penalties if necessary.


6. Disciplinary


6.1 Deception: The attempt to deceive admins or other players wrong informations or data will cause the immediate disqualification

6.2. Match-Fixing/betting fraud will cause the immediate disqualification and ban for 5 years from Poseidon League competitions