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Poseidon league s1 20/21 -Pes


RULES 10VS10 - Poseidon League Season 3 | Pes 2020

This is the list of the rules that all captains have to know to participate to the competition.



The league administration retains the possibility to change or amend the below rules anytime during the tournament and in

any special case to guarantee fairplay.

1.1Poseidon League staff take for granted that each participant who entered this tournament is aware of all the rules and

checks them periodically. Lack of knowledge cannot be used to justify not-compliancy.

1.2 Every participant has to behave with respect towards every other participant and Poseidon League Staff. Participants

must not engage offensive behavior, verbal abuse or intimidation spamming will be considered a form of verbal abuse.

Repeated or significant violations will be punished with disqualification, or banning from future Poseidon League competitions.

1.3 Official language for the Competition is English. In order to attend to the tournament, participants must be able to communicate

in English.

1.4 The tournament will be hosted and empowered by The website is currently in Italian and in English,

you can change the language in settings.


2. Registration

To be valid, the registration request must be made on the whatsapp group of captains indicating:

- the name of the club

- Psn ID of the captain (with whom he registers on the site)


3. Teams

3.1 The captains will be able to create and add players to their squad, no later than Sunday , October 4th 2020,

meaning one day before the official start date of the tournament, according to the modalities indicated by the

competition's administrators.

3.2 The minimum number of players in the squad is 14 players.

3.3 There is not a max number of players.

3.4 It is not possible to have the same player in 2 teams. The system will not automatically accept requests for adding players

already present in other roses.

 3.5  If a  Player change is PSN ID  , the captain has to change it  , going into the administration page , selecting the menu on the right  ( the orange gear) and 

change his psn id.


4. Market

4.1 Player Addition: it will be possible to add or remove players from your team no later than Sunday,October 4th 2020,

the day before the start of the season. 

4.2 Player release: the players can be released by the captains directly on the portal, if they are expelled by the team,

or if the player expresses the will to leave the team, always no later than Sunday,October 4th 2020. Form to Realease:

4.3 During the season, the Poseidon administrators retain the possibility to open further market sessions for those teams

that will find themselves in a difficult situation, or for all teams in general, If many captains request to add players.



5. Tournament development

5a. The League

5.1 The League will officially start on Tuesday, Sunday,October 5th 2020

The default day to play the games every week is:

- Tuesday (start at 22:30),

However there will be a lot of flexibility in this, which means that the captains will be able to agree on another day of

the week if it is more convenient for them. If there is no agreement between the captains, the game must necessarily

be played on Tuesday (any transfers to the following week, due to problems, must be requested by the admin,

which will evaluate the feasibility).
There’s no JOLLY to posticipate games.

5.2 Tournament cadence:

Every week will be played a matchday. Each matchday will be played Home and Away, playing the same day against

the same opponent both matches.


5.4 In case of a team withdrawal no later than matchweek 8 (from 1 to 8), all previous results will be set 3-0 in favor

of the opposing teams. If a team withdraws after matchweek 9 (9, 10, 11), the previous results will remain unchanged,

while the next matches will be lost for 3-0 at the table.For the third division, the threshold is moved to matchday 7

as there are only 9 rounds instead of the 11 weeks played for the first and second divisions.

5.5 A retired team will not be allowed to participate for 2 seasons in raw to the Poseidon championship. Valutation could be made from the admins.

5.6 Classification criteria:

1. Points

2. Direct confrontations results

3. Goal difference in direct confrontations

4. Goal difference (overall competition)

5. Goals scored

6. Goals conceded

If after all these considerations, two teams continue to be at a draw, a play-off will necessarily be played.



6. Room Creation

6.1 Create from Lobby team play (all matches will be round-trip, except for the final, so for a match create a team,

for the second another, unless different agreements between the captains).

6.2 It is advisable to let the team players create a more stable connection, thus trying to avoid the lag factor.

Room Name: chosen by the creator, better with the initials of the two teams

Settings: 11 against 11

Capacity: no selection

Start with n. users: no selection

Legendary Player: no

Any Player: yes

Select goalkeeper: yes

Room security: limit to invitations, or active with password

Skill level opponent: Superstar

Duration of the game: 15 minutes

Injuries: no

Type of ball: to be chosen by the captains

Time limit: long

Number of substitutions: 3

Weather: night and clear

6.3 If a team creates the room in the wrong way, only the opponent can tell them to change the settings and stop the match if

it has already started, by talking to the opposing captain, telling him to change the room details or create it again.

6.3.1 if a team doesn't respect the rules  "home choose first" (point 7.1), and select first the team , or select the same team (point 7),

can stop the match and remake it choosing the right teams.

and restart selecting in the right way.  The match has to be stopped before the first minutes, and no salient moment has to be make .

(ex. goal , red card , yellow card and so on ). This beacouse is obvius and clear if the oppenent select the same team at the start.

6.4 If the match is interrupted while it is being played, the result and the minutes played will be the same as when the match was left.

6.5 Once a match is finished, you cannot protest about injuries, weather, selecting any player or substitutions.

6.6 If a match is played with minutes lower than expected (for example, a team is wrong and sets 10 minutes instead of 15),

the remaining minutes must be played in a new match.


7. The match


7.1 "home team choose first" ( considering the player has to play  2 games each week against the same opponent ,  one could be home

one outside. The team that play in home , have the piority to choose first the team. According to the general rules to fair play. the 

teams has to be concorded before the start , change can be obviusly make during the selection , but always in respect of the

opponent,  don't choose the team in the few seconds to the end of the countdown. If a mistake is made in the selection , you're

restart one time , to fix the problem.

7.1 1 is the minimum number of players per team to start the match, 11 the maximum number.

7.1.2 Players must present themselves to the match no later than 10 minutes from the scheduled start time with the opposing captain

. If this does not happen, the team that does not show up with the minimum required players, loses the match 3-0 at the table, unless

agreements are made between the captains.

7.2 The number of substitutions allowed in the match is 3.

7.2.1 Any player (QLS), is optional, but necessary to use for the player that manages the formations, to be able to make the 3 allowed


7.3 In case of serious Lag signals during the match, one of the two captains can contact the opposing captain and order his team to

leave the room, proposing to the opposing captain the creation of a new room, playing the remaining minutes until the 90:00

(without recovery time), and maintaining the same result (if for example the match was on the result of 1-0 at 30:00 of the first half, a

new game will be played until 60:00, maintaining however the same id players, but not the same footballers of the squad, who were

on the field at the time of the interruption. In other words, it’s possible to change the start formations, because of footballers

condition. In case of red card, the match will restart with all players).

7.3.1 The restart of the match is allowed once and only once, for the cases mentioned above.

7.3.2 In the event that a player is get out from the match, the game cannot be restarted, unless different agreements are made

with the opponents (if, for example, a general disconnection of many players happen at the same time, the captains may agree to

restart the game, maintaining time and result). The minimum number of players to continue a match is 6. If a team remains with a

number of players less than or equal to 5, it defeats 3-0 at table.

7.4 If there is a fall of the match for all the players, it will start playing again for the remaining time and with the same result of the

previous falled match.

7.5 In respect of the opponent, insults are absolutely not allowed in the chat game of the match. Eventual reclaims can be presented

by the captains to the competition admin via Whatsapp captain’s chat.

In this case, there is a risk of both a table loss and a disqualification from the tournament, based on the severity of the action.

7.6 All players who use "cheat" or "glitch", altering the course of the matches, will be disqualified from the competition and will be

awarded a table win in the games involved in the affair.

7.7 For fair play, it is absolutely forbidden to disturb the goalkeeper during a corner or during a free kick, placing the player at his

side to disturb his movement.

If a goal is scored in this way, it will be categorically canceled and, if it happens more than once, the team that ensures this action

will suffer a 3-0 defeat.


8. REPORT Post-match

8.1 At the end of the game, the captains will have to do the report in the site.

8.1.1 If the match data is not communicated within 48 h, or, if you play on Sunday, by Monday at 23.59, the game will be considered

void. Therefore, no points will be assigned to the standings regardless of the results and the match will not be recovered, except

for any problems that must be communicated to the competition's admin.

8.2 It will be important to keep in the event of a complaint or report:

- Photos of the statistics screen and result

- Photos showing any irregularities

8.3 It will be the responsibility of each opponent captain to check that players who are not in the squad from their opponents have

been deployed. The Player lists will be viewable directly within the site.

8.4 In the report you have to write: Presences, Goals, Assists and Man of the Match.


9. Promotions, Relegations and qualification for European cups

9.1 Promotions. The teams will be promoted with the following criteria:





9.2 Relegations





10. Disciplinary

10.1 Deception: The attempt to deceive admins or other players wrong information or data will cause the immediate disqualification

10.2 Match-Fixing/betting fraud will cause the immediate disqualification and ban for 5 years from Poseidon League competitions



This tournament is not affiliated with or sponsored by Electronic Arts Inc. or its licensors.